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2010-05-14 10:02 pm


Hi all!

Sorry for the extremely long absence. I've been without a computer up until recently, and my mom's old laptop just cannot handle the sims anymore. The good news is that I've ordered a shiny new computer, that will be here some time next month. So, I shall be able to post a LOT more once that comes in.

Unfortunately, since my old computer all but exploded, I do not have any backups of my previous games. so I cannot re-upload Abella. :(
However, I will be able to take part in my generation of The Hallows Round Robin, and am looking forward to it! I'm currently getting caught up now. :D

Onto the important part of this post..

I am switching my dreamwidth account from this one, to
[personal profile] auberginer . I will be adding all of you back over the next few days, but the journal will not be active until my new computer gets here.